What can you do to maintain your pets oral health?

Peter Slade
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What can you do to maintain your pets oral health?

1. Routine veterinary attention together with a periodontal management plan which is customised to your family and pet.The level of intervention varies significantly between pets. Whilst some pets may be fine with yearly checkups, other pets require more frequent veterinary examination and intervention. We include this management plan with all yearly vaccinations, 2nd puppy/kitten vaccinations and as part of all general veterinary consultations.

2. We ask that our clients try to become confident handling their pet and being able to open his/her mouth. This is necessary in order to be able to brush their teeth regularly using a special toothpaste. Also by looking in their mouth and especially at the teeth and gums, owners can become confident in identifying gingivitis and calculus( yellow mineral deposits covering some or all teeth) and obtain veterinary advise in a timely manner.

3. As part of the plan we may advise changing the type of food fed to your pet, manual brushing of pets teeth with special toothpaste, incorporating dental treats, some bones, chews or even a dental descale and polish procedure at a veterinary clinic /hospital.

If you would like further information regarding a periodontal management plan for your pet please contact Home Vet Service on 0488 177 600 or if you wish to make a booking.