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We Provide a Range of Resources and Do Minor Pet Surgery Procedures at Your Home

Home Vet Service provides personalised, trustworthy, and caring mobile pet surgery service in Redbank Plains, Springfield, Logan, Gold Coast, and the greater Brisbane area. Our vet assesses your pet in the familiar home environment. Call us, and we will come to you.

Solutions for Dog Surgery

We offer excellent, professional customer service to owners who do not have their own transportation or have pets that cannot travel. Our accomplished vet makes housecalls to provide you with minor cat surgery and further pet health requirements.

  • Our vet, Dr Peter Slade, has 16 years’ veterinary experience. We execute small procedures such as biopsies or lump removals and also transport your animals calmly to a veterinary clinic to facilitate the required surgery if deemed necessary. We also drop your animal off afterwards and provide post-surgery care to your dog or cat.
  • We provide a majority of the comprehensive range of services and treatments obtainable at regular vet practices. Our annual health check involves a complete physical examination and a consultation regrading all their ongoing care.
  • We ask questions about your pet’s toilet behaviour, activity level, appetite, and discuss our conclusions with you. We will discuss all veterinary findings and options if we identify medical concerns. Note our fees online.

Talk to us if you require a quality of life assessment or our management of geriatric patient services. These may include IV fluids, pain relief and humane euthanasia.

Related Services We Provide to Cat Surgery

Our fixed price consultations and initial assessments generally last approximately 30 minutes. Get in touch if you require us to deliver veterinary preventatives, medications, and foods.

  • We do urine and blood collection for laboratory testing, nail clipping, de-worming, arthritis management, and injections.
    Our services include cytology of the skin, lumps and ears. We also perform biopsies under local anaesthesia or sedation for histopathology at a laboratory.
  • We offer mobile vet services such as health checks, vaccinations, lump removals, teeth cleaning, diagnostic services, and surgery. Seeing the environment in which an animal lives helps us isolate possible concerns and deal with them appropriately.
    Many pets experience tension and anxiety when they go to the vet. Our patients are much more relaxed because we see them in their homes.
  • We have a ten percent multipet discount for three pets, and 15 percent discount for four or more. We offer special breeder pricing upon request.

Why You Should Use Home Vet Service

Dr Peter has over 16 years experience as small animal and mixed animal veterinarian. He believes passionately in offering home visits and keeping pet patients as comfortable as possible.

Contact us on Mondays to Fridays between 8 am and 6 pm or Saturdays between 8 am and noon.