Palliative Care for Dogs

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Consider Palliative Care for Dogs that are Old or Terminally Ill

Home Vet Service offers general veterinary services, microchipping, vaccinations, nail clipping, arthritis management, euthanasia, and palliative care for dogs and cats in the comfort of your home. We understand the stress that cats and dogs go through with the trip to and from the vet, the waiting room, and the examination itself in a foreign environment. We have seen the benefits of treating an animal in its home environment, which is why we provide these veterinary services in the Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, and surrounding areas.

Related Services we Provide to Dog’s Arthritis Treatment

We offer veterinary services in the comfort of your pet’s home, providing them with a comprehensive examination in their environment, avoiding both you and your pet having to stress about the journey to and from the vet as well as the actual visit. Further service we provide include:

  • Vaccinations and heartworm prevention injections for puppies and kittens as well as dogs and cats.
  • Nail clipping, microchipping, blood and urine collection for testing, and cytology of ears, skin, and lumps.
  • Humane euthanasia and palliative care for your geriatric dog, cat, or other small pet. Our palliative care includes a quality-of-life assessment and administering pain relief and IV fluids.

Should your cat or dog have arthritis, we will work out a treatment plan for them, including the administering of injections and pills to alleviate pain.

Benefits of Home Vet Service

Our mobile vet services benefit not only your pet, but you too, as we eliminate the stress of getting your pet to a vet clinic. This option also assists those without private transport and busy schedules as there is no waiting at the vet for your pet’s consultation.

  • Performing your pet’s annual health check in the environment where they are more relaxed, gives us the advantage of seeing their more normal behaviour which can help in picking up any ailments or things that could be affecting them.
  • We offer a discount for multiple pet consultation.
  • We can perform minor surgical procedures in your home, but will facilitate more complex surgeries at a suitable veterinary clinic.
  • We can further provide post-operative care in your home which will allow for your pet to come home earlier and will save on extra hospitalisation costs and inconvenience.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Home Vet Service

Your pet will get a comprehensive veterinary consultation which includes obtaining a thorough history of your pet and recording it electronically for future reference. It is a lot easier to assess an animal in their natural surroundings, for example how a dog with arthritis can manage its mobility in its home surroundings.

Contact us to book your pet’s next vet examination.