Dogs’ Teeth Cleaning

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We can help with Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning Procedures.

Dental disease is common among dogs and cats. Please see link to this article. Home Vet Service facilitates professional and thorough dental descale and polish procedures. By undertaking annual health checks we advise on dental hygiene plan and symptoms to be aware of with dental disease in cats and dogs.

What You Should Know About Dog Dental Disease

Poor oral hygiene in animals has other ramifications apart from bad breath. As plaque develops on the teeth surface, calculus forms. This is followed by gum inflammation known as gingivitis, followed by periodontal disease and infection. For this reason, you will need veterinary advise on what intervention is required. As discussed in this article ( link) bacteria may spread from the mouth to other parts of the body causing serious illness.

  • Symptoms of dental disease include a preference for soft foods along, avoiding hard foods, excessive salivation, mal-odour. Blood and brown discoloured teeth teeth may be noted.

Reasons for Teeth Cleaning for Cats

Cat dental disease is a common occurrence in felines. Consulting with a vet for a dental hygiene plan and occasional dental descale and polish procedures can prevent this disease and avoid unnecessary pain. These are some of the reasons to seek professional help regarding your cat’s teeth.

  • Cat dental disease is painful, can cause inappetence and infection.
  • Infection originating in the oral cavity can disseminate causing other significant health issues.

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