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Trust a Home Vet in Brisbane with Your Pet

We often feel the incredible bond and love shared between humans and animals. Pets make up integral members of the family unit. By understanding this we aim to provide the best veterinary care in the most comfortable way. Home Vet Service is a mobile practice that treats animals in the comfort of their homes.

Regular vet visits are essential for your pets health and whether the animal can’t physically move, or you don’t have transport available, a mobile vet is particularly beneficial

Other advantages of a Mobile Vet in Brisbane

Increased comfort and reduced stress for your pet. We examine many pets on a daily basis in their homes and we enjoy seeing the relative calm behaviour they have when being examined and treated at home. A stress free pet at the time of a veterinary examination facilitates better future experiences also. In contrast, most dogs and cats become stressed and agitated at the moment of travelling to a vet clinic. Whilst at the clinic the close proximity of other animals often causes additional stress and anxiety to pets. A home vet is far more flexible and concentrates entirely on the needs of your pet.

  • Some dogs due to size, weight, anxiety or age do not travel well. Some dogs and cats may be in acute or chronic pain and getting into the car or cat carrier can be painful. This can make a trip to a vet clinic quite difficult to almost impossible. By having a house call vet visit in Brisbane and not having to move your pet is of great advantage for these pets.
  • Comfortable for you. We schedule appointments to fit in with your busy work schedule. It is very convenient for multiple pet families where moving all pets for vet check ups is a challenge. Home Vet Service in Brisbane is able to examine all your pets in the one visit when required.
  • Home Vet Service vets are in a position to identify key problem animal behaviours at home and to advise on solutions.
  • A Mobile vet from Home Vet Service can perform minor surgical procedures and an extensive range of mobile vet services at your home. If your pet requires an x-ray or a major operation, a home vet can facilitate the animal’s transportation to eliminate the stress to you and your pet.
  • A House call vet visit will generally last longer than a clinic appointment. This allows the mobile vet time to get to know your pet, its behaviour and provide a thorough examination in the most stress free way.

Consider This When Finding a Beenleigh Vet

Home Vet Service offers a mobile house call vet service to Beenleigh and all surrounding suburbs including Bahrs Scrub, Eagleby, Holmview, Mt Warren park, Windaroo, Yatala and Stapylton

Home Vet Service can provide an estimate prior to arrival and provides fixed prices for particular surgical procedures.

Contact us if your animal friend requires veterinary attention at home.