Annual Health Checks with Home Vet Service.

Peter Slade
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Pet Health CheckAs a mobile veterinary clinic, Home Vet Service is in the unique position of examining pets where they are most comfortable and stress free, in their own home. Our health checks are personalized and generally longer in duration than those at a veterinary premises. By seeing the environment in which they are we can identify potential concerns and then manage them appropriately.

The annual health check includes a consultation and a full physical examination of your pet.

This is the time where you may raise any question or concern that you may have in regard to your pet. We will ask a number of questions pertinent to the health of your pet such as how is his/her appetite, activity level and toilet behaviour. We undertake a thorough physical examination of your pet without causing undue stress and provide you with a health check form for your reference, as well as discussing any findings with you. As well as potentially identifying medical concerns, we are able to obtain a routine preventative plan based on your individual pet and their lifestyle.