Our range of Home Vet Services In Brisbane & Gold Coast

Comprehensive Veterinary Consultations

During a consultation at your home you can expect:

  • A thorough history of your pet to be taken and be recorded on electronic record.
  • An extensive physical examination of your pet including pet health report provided.
  • To be offered further diagnostic tests, if required, with indication of cost.
  • A customised treatment plan for you and your pet.
  • Follow up communication from the vet within 48 hours to hear how you and your pet are getting on and offer advice when required.

We also offer the following services:

  • Vaccinations – puppies, kittens and adult pets
  • Facilitation of most surgical procedures, including pick up and drop off to home, initial assessment, post operative care and fixed price offered.
  • Heartworm Prevention Injections
  • Microchipping
  • Blood and Urine Collection with Laboratory testing
  • Cytology of ears, skin and lumps (non invasive) and/or biopsy under local anaesthesia/sedation for histopathology at labaratory.
  • Palliative care of Geriatric Pets- pain relief, IV fluids, quality of life assessments.
  • Humane Euthanasia- peaceful and caring
  • Athritis management including injections
  • Nail Clipping
  • Medications, Veterinary Preventatives and Food delivered direct to your home

If your pet requires surgery, hospitalisation or further diagnostic tests we will discuss:

  • Taking your pet to a veterinary clinic or hospital of your choice where these procedures will be undertaken.
  • Helping you choose a clinic or hospital based on your location, your pets particular condition or type of surgery sought and what kind of diagnostic tests are required.
  • Transporting your pet to and from the clinic or hospital.

Direct Vet Services, Reducing Your Pet’s Stress by Having Your Vet Come to You

We offer direct vet services for your pets in the comfort of their home. Seeing them in their normal environment will make them feel more relaxed and safer during their examination and administration of any required medication. A home consultation is still as thorough as one that would take place in a veterinary clinic. If major surgery is required this can be facilitated through us by calmly transporting your pet.

Benefits of a Mobile Vet

Many cats and dogs find the car ride to and from the vet and time at the clinic to be highly stressful For an animal that is already anxiety-ridden, it can be even more traumatic than you think. We bring our veterinary skills to you and will provide your pet with a comprehensive examination in their home, helping them to feel more comfortable, secure, and ultimately calmer, allowing us to get more out of their consultation than we would when dealing with stressed patients.

  • Apart from the stress of the journey to the vet, a house visit by a vet eliminates the stress endured from the strange environment, other people, and animals while waiting for their consult time. There is also less likelihood of them getting exposed to contagious diseases from patients who have been in the waiting area and consultation room.
  • Home visits allow us to see your pet in their environment which is very helpful when treating one that is behaving differently or suddenly struggling to do activities they previously managed. For example, if they are in pain or limping, watching your cat or dog walk up or down the stairs can help with a diagnosis and a personalised treatment plan, as physically seeing the behaviour is better than a verbal description.
  • You can book our visits to fit in with your busy schedule and save you the time of driving and waiting for your appointment. This will also make it easier if you don’t have transportation.

What You Can Expect from Home Vet Service Regarding a House Call by a Vet

Home Vet Service is a fully mobile veterinary practice attending to pets in the comfort of their home throughout greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Springfield, Redbank Plains, and Ipswich. We provide comprehensive veterinary consultations which include obtaining a complete history of your pet, extensive physical examination, and administering vaccinations if required.

  • We facilitate most surgical procedures and provide post-operative care at your home so that there is no need for your pet to remain in the surgery for longer than medically required and save you and your pet the trauma of trips to the vet.
  • We further provide microchipping, nail clipping, and blood and urine sample collection with laboratory testing, and can also administer medicine at your home.
  • Palliative care for geriatric pets.

About Home Vet Service

We have over 16 years’ experience in treating small animals between both clinics and their own homes. We strive to be as caring and professional as possible.

Contact us when you need a vet to come to you.

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