About Us

Established to provide families and pets with a more convenient alternative, Home Vet Service delivers excellent veterinary care within the comfort of a familiar and secure home environment. By coming to them we can prevent the stress and anxiety that pets and their owners may feel when making the trip into the waiting rooms of a vet clinic. We are compassionate and caring, and aim to give all our patients and their families a quality, personalized vet relationship.

The Vets

Dr Peter Slade set up Home Vet Service in order to engage with pet families in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Peter is a compassionate and highly experienced veterinarian with over 10 years of small animal veterinary experience. After receiving a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at Sydney University in 2004, Peter has worked in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, the UK and Argentina. During this time he undertook many home visits where he has seen the difference that this style of veterinary care can provide to patients and their families. Peter is married with 2 kids aged 6 and 4 and has a gorgeous big 7 yr old British Shorthair Cat called Shelby. They live in Pullenvale Brisbane.

Dr Peter Slade - Home Vet Service